What is the 4Sight Advantage?

Proven Results
Proven Results in driving sales
Proprietary Methodology
Proprietary machine learning algorithms for mining insights to deliver unique value.
Seasoned Leadership
Seasoned brand, insights & data science leadership.

We partner with you to discover truths within consumer data to fuel insight-led growth.

4Sight Advantage

4Sight has a consistent track record of delivering millions of dollars in top and bottom line results for some of the world's biggest brands via a proprietary methodology and seasoned leadership.


From Procter & Gamble and Clorox to Caveman Foods and Reckitt Benckisser, 4Sight has delivered unexpected insights:

  • To date, 4Sight has analyzed over 80 million data points.

  •  Per engagement, 4Sight harnesses an average of over 30,000 user-generated reviews and social comments with insights that fuel brand growth.

  • Tangible insight-led topline growth of multi-millions of dollars;

  • Insights that have measurably improved the bottom line.


Our leadership team has over 40 years of expertise as executives on some of the world's largest brands.  Our leadership team has worked across consumer packaged goods, business-to-business brands, and major retailers.  That leadership team is enabled by 4Sight data scientists who harness the data and 4Sight strategists who take the machine learning analytics and mold those analytics with your brand strategies - with an eye toward identifying competitive vulnerabilities, potential power claims and building on brand strength.


4Sight has developed a proprietary set of algorithms that help extract, harness and action insights from any data source whether it's  online reviews, social media, blog comments or any other data set.  The 4Sight methodology is different in that it is led by quantitative, but incorporates qualitative rich learning.  The 4Sight methodology also includes activation workshops that ensure clients get tangible activations that fuel growth whether top or bottom line.


We collect data from dozens of online websites - all of which are vetted via an internal system to ensure  they  leverage  authenticated data.  Once that data is collected, we then perform a 4-step process.  We begin by applying a proprietary 4Sight code that ensures no duplicated consumer-generated content exists. It is only after the entire 4-step process is complete that we determine that the data set is "clean" and ready to be harnessed.  All data is then encrypted and housed in protected datacenters to ensure proprietary data and deliverables are secure.

Our Values

We are

Solution Seekers

We start by understanding your core business challenges and strategies.  This enables us to frame the way to ensure we have the right, robust data set to address it and helps our 4Sight Strategists to analyze the output of our algorithmic solutions with an eye toward solutions that are actionable.

We are

Truth Seekers

We look for the voice of your customer in an unbiased way – not looking to solve for anything other than to uncover what customers are saying.  We know that the fastest way to grow your business is to uncover the truth of what is driving your customers and your competitor's customers.

We are Collaborators

Our solutions are fully customized to meet your most vexing business challenges.  In order to achieve that customization, we partner with your teams throughout the process, which involves collaborative sessions to input into analytics & shape the action out of it.


“The Insights Miner analysis helped us identify and strengthen insights to build the category beyond where we initially started.  The team was engaged from start to finish and dug deeper in the data as we had questions, so we could use the results that were shaped by Insights Miner."

Director, Procter and Gamble.

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