Announcing the 2018 Evergreen Awards

Jan 31, 2019

Recognizing the best rated and reviewed new products.

Unlike much of other social media, online reviews are evergreen. They last for a long time – sometimes even years! And that enduring nature as well as the fact that customers are looking for an authentic validation of a potential purchase makes ratings and reviews a critical building block in driving sales and organic search.

Ratings and reviews have become a critical building block for driving sales, regardless of industry.

But some brands have mastered the art of leveraging these reviews more than others. Studying up on the “best-in-class” examples of excellent work is always a good exercise – to benchmark oneself against the best.

Recognizing the best ratings and reviews across new products therefore felt like something that would be helpful to other brands. Plus, it gives those doing an exceptional job much deserved recognition!

And of course, every brand that launches a new item wants it to become “evergreen,” lasting for years (just like reviews) for its customers – so the titled worked!

The Report

To see the winners, download the Evergreen 2018 Awards!