Exactly how Evergreen are Ratings and Reviews? It Turns Out, Quite A Lot.

Jan 12, 2022
Exactly how Evergreen are Ratings and Reviews?  It Turns Out, Quite A Lot.

For the last three years, 4Sight has awarded outstanding new product launches in CPG and consumer goods categories with the Evergreen Awards. The Evergreen awards earned their name because ratings and reviews are just that: Evergreen. They don’t disappear. As we began tallying our lists of 2021 new launches and winners, we were curious: Are these products truly Evergreen? Have they stood the test of time? The Evergreen Awards’ conceit, to highlight the best new launches based on ratings and reviews (R&R), proports that R&R can be an indicator of success, not simply for the first year of launch, but beyond year one. But has that actually proved true?

In short: yes!

The Stats

A few stats to highlight: 2021 will be our 4th year running the Evergreen Awards. Over the last few years, the awards criteria and reporting has evolved, but what has stayed true is our benchmarking star rating and the thesis that the best rated and reviewed new products are evergreen.

For the last three years, we have looked at 750+ new product launches with over 100,000 reviews at the time of analysis - over 10 separate categories with a representative sample for each category: baby care, personal care, pet care, hair care, cosmetics, skincare, small appliances, food & beverage, household cleaners and OTC. Our winners have ranged from very new brands like Grove Collaborative, to very well-known brands, such as Advil and Tide.

Examples of Past Evergreen Awards Winners with their Review Numbers and Star Ratings
  1. Of the 30 winners (1 per 10 categories over the course of 3 years), 79% have an even higher star rating than their first year launched - attesting to evergreen nature of reviews, and that reviews in that first year can be good indicator of continued success.
  2. The average star rating of the winners after their first year of launch (2018, 2019, 2020): 4.5.
  3. The average of all of the same products' star ratings for 2021 is: 4.6. Compared to the average star rating of 4.5 for these products, a .01 improvement in star rating is a sizeable increase–considering they were already winners in each of their respective categories, there was very little room for improvement, but collectively their star rating moved even higher!

Additionally, many products continued to see a steady climb in the review number. In 2018, our 10 winners had an average of 564 reviews for the year. At the end of 2021, just three years later, the same winners had an average of over 14,000 reviews, or about an increase of 3000 reviews per year. This is of course less surprising given more users usually translates into more reviews.

To see the full report for each year, check these out: 2018 Evergreen, 2019 Evergreen, 2020 Evergreen.

Winningest of Winners

Which product from each year had best growth of both reviews and star rating? For all three years, this has been a baby care product. If parents love it, they make it known. From an R&R perspective, this makes sense as baby care and diapers in particular were early to embrace eComm.

In 2018, Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Wipes won our baby care category with a 4.6 star rating and 408 reviews. Today, their star rating has climbed to 4.8 with 15,600 reviews. The same category in 2019 saw our winner, Huggies Special Delivery diapers, with a 4.7 star rating that has increased to 4.8. In 2020, the Baby Care winner was another Huggies product: Pull-Ups New Leaf. Their star rating has remained steady at 4.8, with their review number jumped from 1,451 for 2020 to 7,124 in 2021.

The Winners for each year, with their review numbers and star ratings.

None of this is particularly surprising to us at 4Sight, though we’re thrilled to see the intention of the Evergreen Awards validated. We believe the ratings & reviews provide deep, actionable insights into what consumers are looking for from products and brands. Ultimately, these findings stress the importance of putting focus on early R&R as a means to predict potential long-term success. The Impact ratings and reviews has on consumer behavior is evident and this highlights just how evergreen they can be for a brand.

In the coming month, 4Sight will release our fourth Evergreen Awards, once again celebrating new launches. We’re excited to uncover and share with you which 2021 new launches are poised for success this year!