Insights Miner Holiday Non-Profit Giveaway!

Dec 02, 2021
Insights Miner Holiday Non-Profit Giveaway!

Do you have a favorite non-profit in your community? Would you like to help them further their work and grow in their efforts?

4Sight is Giving Away an Insights Miner

In our continued effort to give back and to help brands discover truth, 4Sight is seeking nominations to gift an Insights Miner to a non-profit: up to $50,000 in value! Be it a museum, an animal shelter or an environmental non-profit, if you love it – we want to know about it. (And don’t be afraid to nominate your own organization!)

Due to the nature of Insights Miner, the non-profit needs to have sufficient online user-generated content (in the form of reviews and social media presence), aim to make their community better, and remain politically neutral. Outside of that, there are no restrictions, though 4Sight reserves the right to discard any nominations that do not align with our values. You can read more about our Insights Miner here at our website.

Nominations will be open from now through December 9, 2021. We’ll then open voting from December 14 - 17. Our winner will be announced December 21st.

Use the link below to fill out a short form and let us know who you think would benefit from this gift!

P.S. you can nominate more than one non-profit. The more, the merrier!

Click this link to access the nomination form. Thank you!