How to Use Your Brand Reviews to Win in eCommerce

Jan 07, 2022

Online user-generated content, namely consumer reviews and social comments, are your brand’s largest data set. Reviews in particular hold a goldmine of data to help you fuel your brand's growth on & offline. There are myriad tools that brands can use to help leverage these data points, but it’s also possible to do some of these easy tasks on your own. Follow the simple steps below to leverage your reviews and win in eCommerce.

1. Understand how your brand and products have performed over the months or years.

By measuring your aggregated longitudinal star rating from reviews, as well as the number of reviews received, you can assess performance over time, a key input into assortment strategy decisions. You can calculate these metrics by pulling your reviews from online sites, like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

2. Overcome trial barriers by communicating directly with consumer

Once you know the questions that consumers are asking, it’s easy to answer them at the source as a way to help current and future customers overcome trial barriers. And if the site allows for it, you can respond directly to reviews as another means of easy communication.

3. Create PDPs that WOW consumers and allow for easy understanding of your benefits.

Use reviews to develop priority of communication for PDP page images. What are consumers talking about in your reviews? If they’re discussing how soft your diapers are or how delicious your chocolate is, make sure the images convey that for future consumers. Make sure you’re using all available image spaces, as well. For example, if Amazon provides five spaces to add in images, use all five and fill with succinct, informative imagery/claims informed by the drivers in reviews.

4. Reviews can point you to positive and negative drivers for your brand and product.

By mining reviews for +/- drivers, you can achieve a more holistic view of your brand's performance. Ultimately, this can help with many of the tasks outlined above, helping to determine priority of communication, overcome trial barriers, and uncover unmet needs.

By tapping into this wealth of consumer data that is reviews, your brand can capitalize on the eComm space to grow your market share, delight your consumers and gain a competitive advantage.