Meet our VP of Brand Strategy, Lauren Dekker

Jan 08, 2021

Tell us more about where you’re from. I grew up in a small town on Lake Michigan in the northern part of Indiana. It was quiet and life was a bit slower, so when I initially moved to downtown Cincinnati it was a big change for me. Now, I love it here!

Why did you decide to join 4Sight? The consumer world is changing at a rapid pace, largely due to the growth of eComm and social media. And so, I’ve been eager to explore an opportunity to further apply my experience to this growing part of the industry. Additionally, I think a lot of brands are still discovering how to leverage the large amount of digital consumer content that is out there, and I am excited to help them on that journey!

4Sight is about identifying unexpected insights. Tell us something “unexpected” about you that not everyone may know. I am a competitive equestrian. I have ridden and competed horses since the age of five in the sports of Eventing and Dressage.

What's your favorite social media and/or review site, and why? I have a lot of experience with qualitative research and really enjoy digging into the details. So, both personally, and professionally, I love forums and blogs—there is always a ton of rich content to sift through. And the best things… pretty much any category or industry has at least one! My favorite part is uncovering interesting shortcuts, homemade solutions and tips that users share.

On a “down day” what would we find you doing? Anything outdoors (and ideally with animals)! From riding horses, to walking my two-year-old dog Findlay, or gardening (this is my first year with my own vegetable garden!)—I love being outside.

Where do you look/go to discover new things about your passions? If I am looking for knowledge and know-how, then industry/category experts are usually my go-to. I am a learner, so I love reading and discussing topics I am passionate about with those that know more than me. If I am looking for inspiration, then I seek out time alone where I can think and reflect—that often means stepping outside for a bit or heading out to the barn to clear my head with the horses.