The Human Touch: The Importance of Brand Strategists at 4Sight

Sep 13, 2021
The Human Touch: The Importance of Brand Strategists at 4Sight
In today’s digital world, more brands are turning to data analytics tools for insights that can provide a competitive edge. The 2020 GRIT Report highlighted text analytics and social media analytics as two of the “top go-to tools in the insights toolbox,” with over 80% of buyer (aka client) respondents stating they currently use or plan to use one if not both of these analytics tools.

However, our clients have shared that many of the text and social media analytics offerings today are nothing more than an overwhelming, DIY data dump—full of noise and very cumbersome for the client team. In today’s fast-pace world, teams are looking for time-sensitive insights that can drive action quickly—something you often can’t get out of a DIY dashboard.

What Makes 4Sight Unique?

One of our points of difference, which make 4Sight’s managed service solutions standout from these DIY platforms, is our team of brand strategists. They provide the interpretation and “so what” behind the data. 4Sight’s Brand Strategy team provides data and insights synthesis, curation, and interpretation—transforming our Data Science team’s analytics output into implications and actionable recommendations.

The team is led by Lauren Dekker, VP of Brand Strategy and Data Science. Lauren has broad experience with a background including brand strategy, new product/service innovation, consumer insights, global qualitative research and growth-oriented strategy. The team is comprised of truth-seekers and storytellers driven to transform large amounts of data into a concise story, with specific focus on the action your brand can take for growth. The team’s diverse array of backgrounds in brand management, marketing, innovation, research and the humanities, ensures you have a partner with a holistic and innovative approach to insights.

How Does Our Process Work?

At 4Sight, we begin by collecting the raw, unfiltered, online data including reviews, social media, blogs, news publications, and even scientific sources—like patents, publications, and grants. This translates to millions of data points rich with insight on what consumers, and the market, think, want, and need—more data than any human being alone could make sense of.

With natural language processing, AI and machine learning, our data scientists transform this large, unstructured data set into usable analytics. Armed with this data and output, our brand strategists get to work. They transform this from dozens of tables, charts and data points and turn this into something digestible and actionable—insights, implications and recommendations that help fuel growth.

What it Means for Your Brand: From What to So What to Now What

By leveraging our experienced data scientists and brand strategists, 4Sight provides a holistic and strategic view of your brand, category or competitors using online data sources. Armed with robust quantitative and qualitative insight, you get the most complete understanding of where to go next.

This means no DIY data dump. Our team pushes beyond the What—quantitative metrics, like drivers, prevalence, sentiment, etc.—to provide the So What: a succinct story that is a curation of the analytics and data. There’s no time-consuming interpretation needed. We do that for you, ensuring you have digestible insights.

From there, our brand strategists deploy their decades of experience to provide the Now What—pushing beyond tangible insights to recommendations that highlight opportunities for quick action that are specific to your brand and your brand’s strategy.

And these are just some of the reasons 4Sight’s solutions are trusted by major CPG brands, Fortune 500 companies and the Department of Defense.