More than ever, consumer-facing brands need processes in place to monitor, assess, and respond to user-generated content. Our approach uncovers your brand’s points of difference and points of parity, its strengths, and its opportunities for growth.

We Look for Answers to Brand Questions Like

  • Our new launch is not going as expected. What about the consumer experience is driving this so we can pivot quickly?
  • Can we monitor a new product to understand how the launch is going?
  • What are identifiable and ownable PODs for our brand vs the competition?
  • What are the strengths and opportunities for our brand? What competitive vulnerabilities exist?
  • The competition seems to be doing well. What about their consumer experience is causing this?
  • Do we have a value issue, has this recently shifted, and what is behind it?
  • We just underwent a package and formula change. Can we understand how the consumer experience has shifted from pre-change to after?
We Look for Answers to Brand Questions Like

Challenges we’ve solved

CPG manufacturer uncovers reasons for dramatic decrease in sales and star rating

A top CPG manufacturer wanted to understand the drivers behind this decline, suspecting a recent formula and packaging change.

Brand questions they asked:

  • What was the consumer experience like before and after the product changes?
  • What caused the shift in star rating?
  • How does our performance compare to two key competitors?


  • Developed a plan to proactively address consumer issues with multi-channel outreach
  • Identified solutions for incentivizing new users to purchase the product
  • Created a plan to assess whether to re-formulate the product

Turning Around a Brand's Declining Sales

A leading manufacturer was experiencing market share and sales loss—they had recently raised their price, changed their material and instituted a new manufacturing process.

Brand questions they asked:

  • What was the consumer experience like before and after the product changes?
  • What about the consumer experience may be driving the decline?
  • What issues should be prioritized and addressed first?


  • Reversed sales decline—went from declining to growing
  • Improved manufacturing process
  • Leveraged a 4Sight Quarterly Real-Time Pulse to monitor their brand’s future performance

We used the Insight Miner to guide our team’s thinking on the scope and timing of a product upgrade. Based on the findings from the Insight Miner, we learned that we had some important competitive advantages, which we have incorporated into our product roadmap.

Jeff Hansberry, CEO - Caveman Foods

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