When your questions center on your consumer, we create consumer personas, identify unmet needs and jobs, and help you spot purchase or trial barriers.

We Look for Answers to Consumer Questions Like:

  • How can we better understand the consumers who use our brand and our competition?
  • What other brands are our consumers buying and loving, and why?
  • What are the barriers to trial/purchase that consumers are discussing?
  • What is the user experience for our brand’s app and how can we optimize it?
  • What motivations and compensatory behaviors exist with consumers in our category?
  • What are the Jobs-to-Be-Done that consumers discuss unprompted?
  • What unmet needs are consumers expressing in the category online?
We Look for Answers to Consumer Questions Like:

Challenges We’ve Solved

Developing Personas to Build Category and Consumer Understanding

A major company wanted to understand the smart hair dryer category and target consumer persona—a segment that was completely new to the company.

Consumer questions they asked:

  • What competitive vulnerabilities and unmet needs exist in the category?
  • Who is the consumer and what do they look for in smart hair dryers?
  • What benefits are most important for smart hair dryer users—and how are those benefits different from traditional hair dryers?


  • Developed a consumer persona to build internal understanding around the new target audience and smart hair dryer category
  • Identified the benefits consumers were seeking and expecting
  • Identified key brands for use in co-marketing and co-advertising efforts
  • Defined a key product opportunity area that their brand could uniquely offer
  • Prioritized the “must haves” around the product and user experience for the smart hair dryer category

Identifying Unique User Groups and Their Jobs-to-be-Done

A major brand noticed an emerging competitor launch a product in a new benefit space.

Consumer questions they asked:

  • Who is using the new product?
  • What “job” is the product solving for?
  • What emotional reaction does the product incite by achieving said “job”?


  • Launched a product to capture this new benefit space, highlighting the underserved “jobs” and the opportunity for consumers to avoid compensatory behaviors—a category growth message for retailers
  • Identified ways to minimize cannibalization of their existing product line by focusing the benefit communication on a few of the identified user groups—with product launch financials exceeding expectations to date

4Sight quickly mined user-generated content for drivers, competitive vulnerabilities and marketing insights, and then turned those into a few clear and turnkey actions. We are confident that this work will stepchange our retailer sell-in, innovation pipeline and competitive advantage on the brand.

Eric Wellinghoff, Vice President - Marketing Nehemiah Manufacturing Company

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