We mine your brand’s largest data set—online consumer, market and scientific content—for insights that fuel brand growth.

4Sight At-a-Glance

4Sight At-a-Glance

Born Out of First-Hand Experience

4Sight grew out of Mark Jeffreys’ experience working in brand management with P&G, one of the largest CPG companies in the world. After 17 years working across various functions, he saw a specific need.

Mark created his first company to solve for an efficient and cost-effective method of communication between brands and consumers in the eCommerce reviews space. But more and more, Mark and the brands he worked with found there was more value in the deep human insights the reviews yielded. He partnered with a team of data scientists, insight experts, and strategy and marketing consultants to form 4Sight. Together, they focus on the best ways to act on the insights that will make the biggest difference to brands.

40 + Years on Large Consumer Product Brands

Our team has extensive and broad experience leading and consulting on major Fortune 500 brands.

On the Brand Side:

On the Brand Side:

  • We’ve received data dumps and dashboards that were over-complicated or just unusable.
  • We experienced the frustration of knowing sentiment was positive or negative but having no real path forward based on what drove that sentiment or how to change it, if desired.
On the Consultant and Research Side:

On the Consultant and Research Side:

  • We’ve worked to solve brand challenges using primary research methodologies and social listening.
  • When combined, quant and qual research always came at a hefty price tag for our clients and social listening usually just provided an overwhelming amount of data.

We’ve tried a full range of tools and capabilities, discovered their limitations, and dreamed of a more holistic resource. That’s why we created 4Sight in 2019: We needed a methodology that could support all brands in their efforts to truly understand consumers (their perceptions and experiences with those brands), while providing direction and guidance (grounded in data and expertise) to craft actionable paths forward for those brands.

Backed by Data Science & Shaped by Brand Strategists

Backed by Data Science & Shaped by Brand Strategists

Many brands are barely scratching the surface of the insights available. Sound marketing, R&D and sales decisions require genuine consumer insights mined from the source–consumer reviews and social media, unprompted and unbiased, as well as market and scientific data. 4Sight starts with machine learning and proprietary algorithms analyzing data. Seasoned brand strategists apply their brand, strategy and innovation experience to identify unbiased truths and deliver strategic recommendations.

Proprietary Data-Based Methodology

4Sight has assembled a data-analysis trifecta of: Experience, Methodology, Strategists

4Sight has assembled a data-analysis trifecta of:

  • 1. Our experience leading and consulting on global brands
  • 2. A proprietary methodology using machine learning and algorithms built by our 4Sight data scientists
  • 3. 4Sight Brand Strategists who apply their Brand, Strategy and Innovation experience to craft a story that takes you from uncovering truths to actionable recommendations.

The power of these three capabilities allows us to clarify important competitive vulnerabilities, consumer experience changes, barriers to trial/purchase, motivations and compensatory behaviors, emerging “hero” and “villain” ingredients, the latest trends in a category, potential whitespace opportunities, and much more to help your brand grow.


Mark Jeffreys

Mark is an award-winning, seasoned senior executive and start-up founder with more than 25 years of success delivering profitable sales growth for some of the world’s most visible brands. His experience spans consumer packaged goods, food manufacturing, home furnishing, non-profit, government and start-ups. His experience also includes diverse geographies, having lived and worked in Asia, Europe and North America. Mark spent over 16 years at Procter & Gamble in Marketing, leading brands including Pampers, Always and Gillette; marketing on Amazon; and step-changing Gillette’s global eCommerce business. Prior to P&G, Mark worked at Colgate Palmolive on the Palmolive brand.

Mark launched his first start-up in January 2018: Mobile Agent Now, an uberized review-response model, which he sold in July 2020. 4Sight emerged out of Mobile Agent Now as clients from Procter & Gamble and Clorox to Reckitt Benckiser and Energizer saw value in mining their reviews (and those of competitors) for actionable insights.

Jennifer Adamson

Jennifer began working with Mark Jeffreys during the Mobile Agent Now days, where she served as Director of Quality. Jennifer brings a unique perspective to the team, having spent a decade in higher education as an English professor and department chair. She holds advanced degrees in English and Art History. Jennifer leverages her experience in education and instructional design to lead the Operations team.


We’ve raised Series Seed round of funding from former C-Suite Fortune 500 executives and leaders, many of whom serve on the boards of Fortune 500 companies, as well. Our investors hold a wide range of leadership and technology expertise, and they recognize the value of your consumer data, the need for analyzing it to uncover insights you can use in decision making, and the power of action.

What can your Data do for you?

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