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2019 Evergreen Awards

Announcing the 2019 Evergreen Awards

Recognizing the best rated and reviewed new launches of 2019.

Last year, 4Sight (then Mobile Agent Now) announced our first ever Evergreen Awards.  The Awards are a celebration and acknowledgement of some of the best new product launches across 10 CPG categories.   Many of last year’s winners – like Pampers Pure, Tide Coral Blast Pods, and Eufy’s robot vacuum – are still highly regarded.  This year, the methodology behind selecting winners evolved slightly (more on that soon), but the broad concept hasn’t changed. 


Whereas much of social media has a tenuous feel to it - here today, gone tomorrow -  product reviews last for years, helping inform purchases long after the review has been written. In other words, they’re evergreen.

Reviews do more than telegraph to others what to purchase: brands can use this raw, unfiltered feedback to gain clear understanding and insight into what customers need and want.  Reviews offer an unsolicited glimpse into the consumer mind.   They allow brands to track new launch progress, monitor competition, assess product landscapes or understand how a package or formula change is affecting customer experience and sentiment.

Unlike traditional surveys or focus groups, reviews offer incredibly robust data sizes.  Some brands see upwards of 50,000 reviews on their products, which can translate into millions of inarguable data points. 

Many brands acknowledge the importance of monitoring and even responding to reviews.  They see an aggregate star rating on Amazon or Target, and feel a sense of where their consumer sentiment is. But for a brand to truly understand and glean insight from those reviews, it’s important to know that the star rating alone can’t tell the whole story.  Some star ratings are aggregated over years, even a decade, through formula changes, category shifts and new competitive launches.  It’s first important to track the longitudinal star rating as it shifts over time, and then it’s important to go even deeper.

For more on our methodology and to see a list of winners, download the full report here.

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