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Real time, agile solutions to action consumer reactions.   ​



Answering Any Business Challenge Solution


For answering Any Business Challenge whether it be understanding new category trends, identifying unmet needs, uncovering purchase barriers, etc.

This solution starts with deep engagement, and continues with mining & analytics as thousands of new consumer datapoints emerge.


You see 3X - 10X Value Creation 

Competitive Advantage – understand the competitive vulnerabilities to build sustainable advantage.and Quantitative Data

Unexpected Insights to include BOTH Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Longitudinal Understanding of Consumer Acceptance


You see 3X - 10X Value Creation 

Holistic review across years of patterns and trends.

Actionable Insights “Not another Dashboard” – thousands of real time, unfiltered, compelling insights to activate.

Tailored activations bring the data and insights into specific and tangible actions both short and long term to accelerate business.


It starts with understanding the brand's core business challenge and objective.  We then determine where the right unfiltered, real time data is to best answer that challenge e.g. Amazon, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Target, Google, TripAdvisor, etc.

After extracting that data, we leverage a proprietary set of text analytic algorithms, natural language processing and machine learning on those thousands of unstructured data points to synthesize consumer drivers, themes across brands, strengths & opportunities, benefit matching, emotional lexicon analytics to measure 7 different emotions relative to brands including measures such as trust, opportunities for claims, etc.

Finally, based on those analytics, we recommend and work with the brand on activation.  This includes very specific multifunctional plans to either fix issues that are broken or fuel  strengths and areas of competitive


4Sight offers solutions on which an engagement with a brand follows a similar process. 

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Real Time Equity Brand Pulse

Social network concept

4Sight's Pulse is an Equity/Health Trackers that provides actionable solutions in less time and with better data than traditional trackers and surveys. 





Breakthrough contextual based brand content.


Agile Leading Indicator Real Time Solution

Real time, agile solution to quickly action consumer reactions to initiatives and/or competitive launches.


This solution starts with a deep engagement, followed by monthly Early Warning & Quarterly Trend Detection.


Establish baseline of brand vs key competitor including key drivers, plot themes, benefit matching, key strengths/ opportunities, etc.


Real time early warning of initiative and/or competitive launch with longitudinal understanding including identifying top positive and negative drivers early on


Holistic assessment of entire year of launch vs key competitor including changes over time in metrics and market events impact.


Immersion and identification of trends emerging in text analytics, plot themes, key strengths/ opportunities to action including longitudinal understanding


Deep dive of brand vs key competitor fully customized, but would include key drivers, plot themes, benefit matching, key strengths/ opportunities, etc.


Harness thousands of new data points to identify changes in key metrics including drivers, plot themes, new benefit articulations with longitudinal understanding.


Holistic assessment of entire year of issue including changes over time in metrics.

Real Time Brand and Competitive Equity/Health Pulse with unprompted user generated content.

No survey bias – unprompted user generated content;

No data lag = real time, immediate data = actionable;

Shares the ‘why’ – the drivers – behind the data;

Longitudinal tracking is easier as years of data is public;

Flexible – can adjust challenges to track easily.


High Impact Content 

4Sight harnesses contextual based data in the form of reviews, social comments, and consumer questions on eRetailer sites to develop high impact content that overcomes consumers’ barriers to trial.

Laser focus on uncovering prioritized trial barriers and the right benefit trigger words.

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