Market Research Report

Getting "Dollar Shave Clubbed”:

How Natural Brands’ Search Dominance Is the Trojan Horse for Mass Brands


Organic Search on Amazon:  A Study of the Disruption of Emerging ‘Natural’ Brands


April 2019


Every brand knows the cautionary tale of Dollar Shave Club and its impact on the iconic brand of Gillette.  Dollar Shave Club was founded in 2011.  Four years after their launch, Gillette still had not responded even when Dollar Shave Club had over a million users.

While brands across categories are now paying closer attention to smaller players in part as a result of the lessons from this very visible example, the “Getting ‘Dollar Shave Clubbed’” study reveals the significant threat posed to mass consumer package goods brands in one of the fastest growing segments:  Naturals.

"Getting 'Dollar Shave Clubbed’” reveals that Emerging 'naturals' brands earned 90% of all organic search results on Amazon across 21 consumer packaged goods categories with 3x more reviews and a higher star rating than their mass 'natural' counterpart.  A shocking 43% of categories did not have even one mass brand in the top 10 results!  

With an average of 1,000 reviews, the reviews for these Emerging brands are ripe with insights.  Why should brands care?  With 62% of consumers going to Amazon first to search on products, and online searches for all things natural increasing, the dominant search position of Emerging ‘naturals’ brands will quickly be a way-in for these brands to establish a beachhead. 


Understanding what those brands are and mining their reviews for insights is more imperative now than ever before.

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