How to Win Search in "Natural" Diapers

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

What happens in a $6 billion+ category when non-national brands win 70% of Amazon search on "natural" - a rapidly growing segment? Well that's what's happening in the diaper category. Emerging non-national brands account for 70% of search results for 'natural diapers'. And these brands have 60% more reviews than national brands giving them added credibility in the minds of consumers.

"Getting Dollar Shave Clubbed" means having small, nimble players blindside big national brands. And 21 categories are at risk of having emerging brands get a beachhead - find out more here.

Top Ten Search for Natural Diapers

Don't be one of them. By harnessing the unstructured data in reviews and social comments, brands can extract the Achilles Heel of these brands and build competitive advantage. Reach out to find out more about our proprietary Insight Miner capability that can help.

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