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Meet Our VP of Partner Solutions - Tom Schmidt

Tell us more about where you’re from.

I was born and raised here in Cincinnati -- on the westside to be exact, which means something if you are from Cincy. As with most westsiders, I still live on this side of town (after relatively brief stints on the eastside of the city and in Columbus) and have raised my family here.

Why did you decide to join 4Sight?

It definitely came down to 4Sight’s mission of discovering truths in user generated content in order to help companies and brands succeed. Prior to 2020, I had spent my career focused on supporting consumer packaged goods companies by discovering these “truths” through in-store research and capturing consumer insights at the shelf, or as P&G had termed it -- “the first moment of truth”.

This ‘first moment’ has shifted with the migration to on-line shopping and the growing number of consumer reviews and posts on sites like Facebook and Instagram. 4Sight has identified a great way to get at consumer insights and to support a brands’ success.

4Sight is about identifying unexpected insights. Tell us something “unexpected” about you that not everyone may know.

My wife and I are the parents of two adopted children. I’m not sure how unexpected this might be as I have a tendency to weave this news into most conversations as I am very proud of my kids and the fact that we were able to build our family through adoption.

When we made the decision to go down this path, we decided to cast a fairly wide net in order to move the process along as quickly as possible – completing paperwork for both domestic and international adoptions. This resulted in our having two kids that were 3 months apart and from different ends of the globe – China and the state of Kentucky to be exact. What a blessing. Happy to share more details if you are considering a similar path.

What's your favorite social media and/or review site, and why?

Instagram is my go-to social site for posting, which I do not do much of unless of course it involves my kids’ accomplishments. I think it is because of its simplicity – I’ve never been able to catch-on to Twitter. I don’t do well with character limits.

I use reviews religiously to help with purchase decisions and not because I’m now in the business. I think it’s because I’m a researcher at heart and like to collect as many data inputs as possible before pulling the trigger.

On a “down day” what would we find you doing?

Last year a day off would have involved me rushing to various sporting events for my kids – hockey games and triathlons for my son and figure skating and diving meets for my daughter. Now that they are both in college, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. Feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions.

I did buy my wife a bike last spring (along with everyone else), so I expect that we will be doing some long rides once the weather breaks.

Where do you look/go to discover new things about your passions?

I love news and history, so I read a lot of news on-line. Cincinnati.com is my go-to for sports updates about my Bearcats, although this news has been much more interesting to read in the fall than it has been in the winter or spring over the last few years.

For history, I love the app History Here, which uses geo tracking to pinpoint historical sites. Incidentally, my wife and kids hate when I pull off an exit to see a historic marker.

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