Toothpaste Top Ten Search - Getting Dollar Shave Clubbed

"Getting Dollar Shave Clubbed" - how does it start? Losing search on the largest eCommerce platform is one way. Toothpaste is a case in point. When you type “natural toothpaste” into Amazon, emerging Brands own 90% of top 10 search results. They have an average 4.4 star rating and an average of just about 1000 reviews - more than many national brands. How do national brands compete? It starts with mining those competitive reviews for insights: extracting, harnessing and activating the competitor reviews to pinpoint their Achilles Heel and how to win. The time to act is now before these brands get a beachhead.

To check out results from 21 categories from our “Don’t Get Dollar Shave Clubbed” Study, click here.

"Natural Toothpaste" Top Ten Search

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