Top Ten Search for Organic/Natural Peanut Butter

Just under 300 million Americans (~90% of the U.S.) consume peanut butter, and natural & organic peanut butter continues to fuel growth. But a search analysis on Amazon for “Natural Peanut Butter” shows disrupter brands own 80% of top ten search results, have a higher average star rating, and have nearly 6Xs the average number of reviews. These disrupters are positioned for growth.

But just like in the 20 other categories we looked at in the "Don't Get Dollar Shave Clubbed" study, national brands can fight back.

It starts by extracting, harnessing and actioning the gold mine of data that are in reviews and social comments to understand competitive vulnerabilities now - before it's too late. Check out the rest of the report for more information on all 21 categories here.

Top Ten Search for "Natural" Peanut Butter - April 2019

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