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4Sight solutions are tailored to meet your brand challenges and needs.  This include the following:



Agile Leading Indicator Real Time Solution

Real time, agile solution to quickly action consumer reactions to initiatives and/or competitive launches.


This solution starts with a deep engagement, followed by monthly Early Warning & Quarterly Trend Detection.

Monthly Early Warning Now

Monthly Early Warning Now: Course Correcting Before Issues Snowball

  • An early warning for potential concerns on an initiative.

  • Overview of star rating & review analytics vs benchmark.

  • Analyze, identify and escalate business challenges/issues raised by consumers.

  • Relevant consumer insights, and qualitative examples.

Quarterly Trend Detection

Quarterly Trend Detection: Uncovering Trends before they become a concern.

  • Quantitative trends over time of star rating and reviews

  • Access key reasons for changes in review scores.

  • Analyze, identify and escalate business challenges/issues raised by consumers.

  • A double click to uncover insights as appropriate behind those issues.

  • Customer sentiment insights over the quarter.

Insights Miner

Insights Miner: The largest untapped source of insights from real customers. 

  • We leverage NLP, drivers analytics, word frequency techniques and AI to extract actionable solutions including:

  • potential claims;

  • consumer drivers;

  • the right eContent to drive SEO;

  • benefit matching;

  • consumer-based SWOT;

  • competitive vulnerabilities & claims.


Answering Any Business Challenge Solution


For answering Any Business Challenge whether it be understanding new category trends, identifying unmet needs, uncovering purchase barriers, etc.

This solution starts with deep engagement, and continues with mining & analytics as thousands of new consumer datapoints emerge.

Or choose a discreet solution to fit your needs.


It starts with understanding the brand's core business challenge and objective.  We then determine where the right unfiltered, real time data is to best answer that challenge e.g. Amazon, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Target, Google, TripAdvisor, etc.

After extracting that data, we leverage a proprietary set of text analytic algorithms, natural language processing and machine learning on those thousands of unstructured data points to synthesize consumer drivers, themes across brands, strengths & opportunities, benefit matching, emotional lexicon analytics to measure 7 different emotions relative to brands including measures such as trust, opportunities for claims, etc.

Finally, based on those analytics, we recommend and work with the brand on activation.  This includes very specific multifunctional plans to either fix issues that are broken or fuel strengths and areas of competitive adv

4Sight offers solutions on which an engagement with a brand follows a similar process. 

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