Compass Launch Monitor

Compass Launch Monitor delivers the data you need – consumer experience and perception – at the right time, to ensure the right people have the information needed to course-correct.

Ensuring New Product Launch Success

More than 85% of new CPG products fail, but what if there was a way to monitor your new launch’s performance to ensure you could guide it to success?

4Sight’s Compass Launch Monitor provides continuous data extraction & analytics to track and monitor new initiative performance.

Ensuring New Product Launch Success

The Compass Launch Monitor Difference

The Compass Launch Monitor Difference

The Right Data

Compass Launch Monitor analyzes both consumer experience data from reviews and consumer perception data from social media. This provides you with holistic understanding to help you make quick pivots and inform real-time decision making.

The Right Time

At the beginning of the launch, you need information FAST. As the launch progresses and the trends become more obvious, there's less of a need for more frequent updates.

The Right People

Your C-Suite wants the topline overview – what’s most important to know – so we send proactive updates to stakeholders for you. We also provide your product teams more detail so they can take a deep dive to better understand if necessary.

Only the Metrics You Care About

Only the Metrics You Care About

You can access a topline Compass Barometer showing your launch status as:

  • Too early to tell
  • On track
  • Slightly off track
  • Off track

You can also view your KPIs vs your customizable benchmarks for both consumer experience (e.g., star rating, number of reviews, word mentions) and consumer perception (word mentions, sentiment, emotional resonance).

Why Compass Launch Monitor?

Without 4Sight Compass Launch Monitor

  • Delayed Decision-Making – struggle to proactively course-correct and adjust swiftly
  • Overwhelming Dashboard – spend hours or days sifting through and interpreting data in an often-confusing dashboard
  • Manual Updates – after-hours spent understanding the data, manually develop updates for all key stakeholders

With 4Sight Compass Launch Monitor

  • Real-time Decision-Making – react quickly to make-or-break moments using real-time consumer feedback
  • User-Friendly Dashboard – understand only the most important insights and opportunities through a streamlined, user-friendly portal
  • Automatic Updates – receive ongoing, timely updates to proactively send to senior management, cross-functional product teams, and other key stakeholders.

What can your Data do for you?

Contact us to set up an initial consultation. We will talk about your brand, the challenges you’re facing, and how 4Sight can provide the information you need to keep growing.

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