Insights Miner

Insights Miner digs deep to uncover quantitative and qualitative insights about your brand, your consumers, and the landscape, so you can take more decisive action.​

Uncover and Use Your User-Generated Data

When used to understand your brand, consumer experiences, and position in the market, Insights Miner extracts longitudinal data spanning years from dozens of review sites, blog comments, social media, and more. The tool helps us uncover your brand’s points of difference and parity, strengths and opportunities for growth in the market landscape, consumer perspectives, and more through in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis.

We start with your consumers’ raw, unbiased, and unfiltered comments and/or other user-generated sources. We include longitudinal data to understand patterns and trends over years for your own brands, and those of your competition. This allows us to identify competitive vulnerabilities on which you can build sustainable advantage.

Uncover and Use Your User-Generated Data

The Insights Miner Difference

The Insights Miner Difference

Robust, Quality Data

Review and social data is often a brand’s largest data set, numbering in the tens or hundreds of thousands. It’s unbiased, unfiltered, and tied to purchase. 4Sight applies a 4-step proprietary algorithm to clean the data after it’s extracted, ensuring your data is of the highest quality.

Pioneering Analysis

4Sight’s Data Scientists have developed a series of proprietary machine learning algorithms – Natural Language Processing, Word Frequency Algorithms, Text Analytics, Statistical Analysis, and Emotional Lexicon Sentiment.

Insights You Care About

Our team represents diverse professional backgrounds in research, marketing, social sciences, and liberal arts so that we can provide a full 360-degree view of your data. Our brand strategy team employs their vast CPG, strategy, and innovation experience to identify the most significant findings and recommend actions that will make the biggest difference for your brand.

The Process

At 4Sight, we recognize that every brand's challenge is different, so we start by understanding your unique needs and challenges.

We extract your brand’s largest data set: user-generated and other online content. Our data scientists harness that data by leveraging a series of proprietary machine learning algorithms. Finally, our team of brand strategists move your data to the next level: recommended action. They apply their consumer-expertise to interpret and synthesize the analysis into a concise story outlining key insights, implications and recommended actions.

The Process

Why Insights Miner?

Without 4Sight Insights Miner

  • Data Dump – unstructured and overwhelming amount of data
  • Restricted Insight – limited base sizes and a tradeoff between quantitative or qualitative perspective
  • Slow Research – sample recruiting and data collection take weeks, if not months, to complete before analysis even begins

With 4Sight Insights Miner

  • Synthesized Story – provide synthesized insights, implications and recommended actions all curated into a story for quick understanding and action
  • Holistic Insight – analyze thousands of unique datapoints per engagement with machine learning algorithms that guide the quantitative insight and direct the brand strategists on where to dig for qualitative context
  • Agile Research – leverage an existing data set (public reviews and social media data) enabling quicker turnaround of analysis and insights

What can your Data do for you?

Contact us to set up an initial consultation. We will talk about your brand, the challenges you’re facing, and how 4Sight can provide the information you need to keep growing.

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