Success Stories


Any Business Challenge (ABC) Use Case

The Situation:

A major laundry company saw an emerging competitor launch in a new benefit space. 


They wanted to understand what consumers were using this product for, their emotional reaction to it, and a SWOT of the competitive product. 

Agile Leading Indicator in Real Time (ALIRT) Use Case

The Situation:

A major CPG company had a launch of a personal care item that was going as well as expected, despite strong core fundamentals.

They leveraged 4Sight's ALIRT solution to better undersant the consumer drivers, strenghts/weaknesses, trends and benefit matching relative to key competitors

Monthly Early Warning NOW Use Case

The Situation:

A major candy company spent considerable money to collaborate with a popular blockbuster movie franchise to include small, franchise-themed toys with their candy packages. 

Quarterly Trend Detection

Use Case

The Situation:

4Sight leveraged its Quarterly Trend Detection Report to analyze for a major CPG brand including high level trends past 1, 3, 6, and 12 months in overall reviews and star ratings.

Product Testing Use Case

The Situation:

•4Sight was tasked to execute product testing to uncover consumer “delighters,” “dissatisfiers,” and drivers.

•The brand was particularly interested in the smell/scent benefit space.

•But the brand wanted results quickly and without some of the typical challenges of product testing, e.g. survey bias, professional respondents, etc.

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