Uncovering the Impact of a Formula and Package Change

The Situation

The Solution

The Result

Following a dramatic decrease in sales and star rating, a top CPG manufacturer wanted to understand the drivers behind this decline—a recent formula and package change were in question.

The client wanted to understand:

1. What the consumer experience was like before and after the product changes

2. What caused the shift in star rating

3. Two key competitors’ performance as a point of comparison

With the goal of improving their sales and star rating.

Through 4Sight’s Brand Insights Miner capability—leveraging quantitative and qualitative analytics across reviews—the brand was able to:

Determine that the formula change was a primary driver behind the decline

Identify that their loyal consumer base was very disappointed with the changes, while new users were less upset

Understand how the consumer experience had shifted from pre to post-change, including what caused the shifts—product experience, visual cues, etc.

Determine their performance relative to two leading competitors, helping to identify which of the five key issues to address first in hopes of improving sales and star rating

Communication Changes

  • Developed a plan to proactively address the consumer issues with multi-channel outreach

  • Identified solutions for incentivizing new users to purchase the product


Ingredient Re-Assessment

  • Created a plan to assess whether to re-formulate the product


Future NPD Process and Launch Strategy

  • Now leverage 4Sight to monitor and track new launches and re-launches

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