Turning Around a Brand’s Declining Sales

The Situation

The Solution

The Result

A leading trash bag manufacturer was experiencing market share and sales loss—they had recently raised their price, changed their bag material formulation and implemented new manufacturing processes.

The client wanted to understand:

1.What the consumer experience was like before and after the product changes

2.What about the consumer experience may be driving the decline

3.What issues to prioritize and address first

Through 4Sight’s Brand Insights Miner capability—leveraging quantitative and qualitative analytics across reviews—the brand was able to:

Identify three key product, marketing and manufacturing issues to address immediately

Determine their brand’s key strengths pre- and post-change to leverage moving forward

Understand their key competitor’s strengths and vulnerabilities for future claims and product development

Uncover a brand communication issue existing both on pack and throughout their online product detail pages, as well as a key production issue that the manufacturing team was completely unaware of

With the end goal of turning around sales, for market share growth.

Improvement in Sales and Star Rating

  • Reversed sales decline—went from declining to growing

  • Implemented recommended changes, improving manufacturing process, brand communications and overall product experience—resulting in a positive improvement of 30% in star rating


Quarterly Tracking


  • Leveraged a 4Sight Quarterly Real-Time Pulse to monitor their brand’s performance and understand issues as soon as they arise

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