Identifying Unique User Groups and Their Jobs-to-be-Done

The Situation

The Solution

The Result

A major laundry brand noticed an emerging competitor launch a product in a new benefit space. 

The client wanted to understand: 

1.Who was using the new product

2.What “job” the product was solving for

3.What emotional reaction the product incited by achieving said “job”

With the goal of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the competitive product.

Through 4Sight’s Jobs-to-be-Done capability—leveraging quantitative and qualitative analytics across >10,000 consumer reviews—4Sight uncovered that:

40% of the consumers were using the competitor’s product in an unexpected way.

Four distinct user groups sharing a similar end benefit, but more distinct primary “jobs.”

The users had several compensatory behaviors to arrive at the end benefit (e.g., soaking in vinegar, running under extremely hot water, etc.), which represented an opportunity to grow consumption.

Benefit matching indicated consumers were not experiencing the promised benefit after use, presenting an opportunity for the client brand.

  • Client brand launched a product to capture this new benefit space, highlighting the underserved “jobs” and the opportunity for consumers to avoid compensatory behaviors—a category growth message for retailers.

  • The client brand identified ways to minimize cannibalization of their existing product line by focusing the benefit communication on a few of the identified user groups—with product launch financials exceeding expectations to date.

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