Uncovering Whitespace and Unmet Needs in a Cluttered Category

The Situation

The Solution

The Result

A top CPG company wanted to uncover category insights that would best position them to launch a new brand within the outdoor space—a crowded category with many existing “chemical-forward” competitors and a few emerging “natural” competitors.

The client wanted to understand:

1.The strengths and weaknesses of the key category brands

2.The key vulnerabilities of the top competitors

3.What unmet needs were remaining in the category

With the goal of identifying ownable points of difference for a new brand.

Through 4Sight’s Landscape and Consumer Persona capabilities—leveraging quantitative and qualitative analytics across reviews and social—the client was able to:

Uncover compensatory behaviors, including homemade and DIY solutions

Reveal the top emotional unmet needs and top volume-driving unmet needs

Identify “spray” (product usage) and “complicated instructions” as key vulnerabilities for some of the top competitors

Identify two critical category unmet needs and one key point of difference

Brand Positioning

  • Defined positioning based on top unmet needs and category whitespace

  • Leveraged the most emotional unmet needs as a “torture test” for safety


Product Experience

  • Designed product that offered spray and stream (latter not offered by leading competitor)

  • Prioritized easy instructions to pursue ownership over “easy” as point of difference

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