Use Cases

Developing Personas to Build Category and Consumer Understanding

A major company wanted to understand the smart hair dryer category and target consumer persona—a segment that was completely new to the company. .

Identifying Unique User Groups and Their Jobs-to-be-Done

A major laundry brand noticed an emerging competitor launch a product in a new benefit space.



Turning Around a Brand’s Declining Sales

A leading trash bag manufacturer was experiencing market share and sales loss—they had recently raised their price, changed their bag material formulation and implemented new manufacturing processes.

Uncovering the Impact of a Formula and Package Change

Following a dramatic decrease in sales and star rating, a top CPG manufacturer wanted to understand the drivers behind this decline—a recent formula and package change were in question.

Uncovering Whitespace and Unmet Needs in a Cluttered Category

A top CPG company wanted to uncover category insights that would best position them to launch a new brand within the outdoor space—a crowded category with many existing “chemical-forward” competitors and a few emerging “natural” competitors.

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