The Opportunity

Your brand’s largest consumer data-set – consumer reviews and social media comments – already exists.

  • Hundreds of millions of product reviews, all tied to purchase, exist on sites like Amazon, Walmart, Influenster and Google.

  • Billions of Facebook and Instagram comments, millions of tweets, and hundreds of hours of content on YouTube are posted every month.

  • All of this is unfiltered and real-time.

That data is a gold mine of insights to answer any business need.

The Challenge

While reviews and social media have a wealth of insights that could be actioned, there are a few challenges: 

  • Data is unstructured and on multiple sites.

  • The volume of data that lives in this space goes far beyond any human’s ability to analyze it. 

  • Machine learning & natural language processing can help trained data scientists detect drivers, themes, emotional attachment to brands, etc., but an algorithm cannot do it all.

  • Seasoned specialists in brand strategy and marketing are needed to complement machine learning and AI - to look for patterns, claims, or competitive vulnerabilities based on understanding the brand's story.

Imagine The Possibilities

These thousands of unfiltered data points on your brand and your competitors hold a wealth of potential to:

  • Action patterns that emerge from competitive launches.

  • Get Early Warning of consumer issues on new launches.

  • Mine for unmet needs.

  • Uncover new ways to talk to customers.

  • Detect trends & mine for insights about current trends.

  • Improve operations.

  • Understand how, when & why consumers are using a product or service.

​And all of that directly from your consumer’s voice.

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