Insights to fuel brand growth.

Insights to better understand your consumer.

Insights to gain a holistic view of the category.

4Sight Offers Two Suites of Offerings:



When to use: to uncover deeper understanding and insights on a specific brand, initiative, or business question.

A tool used to uncover deep understanding and insights on a specific brand, category, initiative or business question, including actionable recommendations.

  • Longitudinal data spanning years ​​

  • Massive base size (with quant and qual input)

  • Faster: <4 weeks from PO to action

  • Unbiased, unfiltered data from user-generated content 

  • No survey bias: unprompted user generated content

  • Low touch: saves hours of internal time and money


Actionable Insights

Holistic Insights

Includes longitudinal data that allows for understanding of patterns and trends over years for both you and your competition. See competitive vulnerabilities to build sustainable advantage.

Unexpected Insights 

Includes BOTH quantitative data - comprised of thousands of data points - and qualitative examples in the consumers voice. 

Actionable Insights 

Instead of another dashboard or data dump. Our brand strategists have decades of marketing, sales, and strategy experience to shape your data into specific and tangible recommendations to help accelerate growth both short- and long-term. 

Early Warning

An immediate notification when a statistically significant change to KPIs for brand and/or competition.

Deep Dive into the Why

A deep dive into the statistically significant change to uncover the why, followed by a live meeting with the team.


Real Time Equity Brand Pulse

Social network concept

When to use: to track and monitor a brand/new initiative over tine including competition; alerts trigger the need for a deeper dive.


Longitudinal Understanding

Scorecard to measure periods of time indexed against previous years to track and monitor changes to brand and competitive SKUs.

Early Understanding

Early warning indicators to alert the brand when statistically significant changes to KPIs occur.

Deeper Understanding

Custom deep dives into the statistically significant changes or areas of concern to determine the why behind the changes. 

Real Time Pulse​

A custom scorecard that is updated monthly (or daily) and includes core KPIs such as Star Ratings, # Reviews, Driver/Weighted Impact on Star Rating for your brand competition.

Real Time Brand and Competitive Equity/Health Pulse with unprompted user generated content.

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