Discovering Truth & the Innocence Project

Dec 20, 2020
Discovering Truth & the Innocence Project

4Sight donates a portion of its profits on behalf of its clients to support the Innocence Project

Truth is a hot topic these days. Uncovering objective truth in many areas of our society takes discipline, time, and often money. Whether it’s in journalism as it relates to public policy, in business where companies are trying to discover what consumers truly believe about their brand, or in the law as it relates to convicting people of crimes, truth requires work and dedication. When it’s uncovered, truth has the power to change the course of a life.

One organization, the Innocence Project, has dedicated itself to discovering truth in a way that significantly impacts lives. The 501 (c) (3) nonprofit uses DNA technology and other evidence to exonerate individuals who were wrongfully convicted and incarcerated and also works to reform laws to avoid the incarceration of innocent people. In their quest for seeking objective truth, they have overturned the convictions of individuals who have served years in prison for crimes they did not commit.

The stories of people like Christopher Smith in Cincinnati, OH just show the power of their work. Mr. Smith was wrongfully convicted of a robbery for which DNA evidence was only submitted after the conviction. He served 12 years for a crime he did not commit. These were 12 years lost with his family, including his son. Later, he missed the birth of his grandson. For years, the Innocence Project was relentless in not only pursuing the truth but also in taking action on it. Mr. Smith was recently exonerated and has now been reunited with his family. Read more about it here.

To support the work of the Innocence Project and the discovery and acting on truth, 4Sight is pleased to announce that we are donating a portion of our profit to the Innocence Project on behalf of our clients - this work impacts work in each of the states where our clients have headquarters, from New York and Ohio to Missouri and California. Why the Innocence Project? As a non-partisan organization, the Innocence Project’s work to Discover Truth, and the belief that there is that truth, is closely aligned to our core beliefs as a company. While we at 4Sight are not involved in any way with their work and do not work in the legal system, our purpose is about Discovering Truth in a different way (in data for clients of course). We find the mission of the Innocence Project so incredibly inspiring and meaningful that we wanted to share their mission with others so they too can offer support. If you want to learn more or contribute yourself then here is the link to the national organization: The Innocence Project.

Happy Holidays and here’s to Discovering Truth.