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Leveraging vast data sets, leading advanced algorithm and machine learning techniques and decades of CPG expertise, we offer a cloud-based solution that helps companies identify ingredients that may be helpful or harmful, and make informed decisions about what to include or exclude from their products.

There's No Better Insurance

Risk from ‘villain’ ingredients is significant for many companies. Missing out an opportunity by identifying the next ‘hero’ ingredient can be equally damaging. Companies lose billions of dollars in shareholder value when surprised by ingredients that seemed innocuous before they are called out in social or mass media as now harmful. But there are roadblocks to detecting HI ingredients before they blow up in headlines: massive data sets, limited analytic tools, siloed data, and the inability to differentiate true data signals from the noise in these large datasets – making it impossible to see around the corner.

4Sight Advantage translates billions of data points for some of the world’s largest organizations, so you can foresee and act on challenges before the competition. The FutureSet data set includes billions of documents across millions of ingredients. FutureSet merges the capability to analyze vast data sets and predict future technology trends trusted by the Department of Defense with commercial expertise. These insights are delivered as a SaaS product - an at Your Fingers dashboard - that allows companies to access the product easily, eliminating the need for expensive hardware and software installations.

There's No Better Insurance

The FutureSet Difference

The FutureSet Difference

Synthesize Data with Next Gen Machine Learning

By combining billions of historical data points from consumer, market regulatory and scientific data with advanced modeling and machine learning algorithms, FutureSet provides a novel and comprehensive analytic solution. CHN’s technology infrastructure can analyze 250 million+ documents from across the globe in minutes.

Correlate Meaning through CPG and Strategy Expertise

4Sight’s team brings decades of expertise in Strategy and CPG categories at Fortune 100 companies, offering the ability to synthesize and transform the machine learning output into digestible insights and actionable recommendations – all based on a foundation of rules and understanding about how your business works.

Create Next via the Power of Predictive Modeling

CHN’s global data mining capabilities allow for deep learning to uncover patterns and predict future potential outcomes. Aligning these predictive capabilities with 4Sight’s strategic consulting, you have a super-charged tool to get ahead and stay ahead of your competitors.

Emerging Trends Detection & Prediction

There are new technologies, materials and innovations emerging every day, but it takes a robust amount of computing power to monitor the global, online landscape and remain up to date on the latest breakthroughs and trends.

With FutureSet’s ET (Emerging Trends), 4Sight identifies cutting-edge technologies, emerging materials and other innovations (across billions of global datapoints including publications, patents, grants and market data) to help your company stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Villain (or Hero) Ingredient Detection & Prediction

By the time the public becomes aware of a harmful ingredient’s effect on human health or the environment, it’s too late. Companies need proactive solutions that will identify a potential villain ingredient before an issue becomes a disaster.Look no further than the $12B+ loss that J&J experienced from having talc in baby powder.

With FutureSet’s HI (High Impact Ingredients), 4Sight mines billions of global scientific, market and consumer data points to predict emerging ingredients months or years in advance of when they will be a "villain" or ("hero").

Why FutureSet?

Without 4Sight FutureSet

  • Myopic Understanding – Both siloed data and siloed departments lead to no complete understanding of the risks or opportunities
  • Overwhelming Noise – Unstructured and overwhelming amount of data with no context.
  • No Centralized Document Repository – Makes it hard to remain current with the most recent science or social trends

With 4Sight FutureSet

  • Holistic View – Leveraging billions of documents including global market & consumer data (e.g., news sources, blogs, social, etc.) and global scientific data (e.g., patents and patent applications, journals, publications, grants and more) to provide both quantitative and qualitative insights that are married with our deep CPG and strategy expertise.
  • Cutting Through the Noise – Our data set consists of billions of data points across millions of ingredients, but our advanced ML techniques allow us to cut out the noise and identify the most critical information
  • Library of Relevant Data – FutureSet HI consolidates the most relevant science and social documents in a readily available, central repository.

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