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FutureSet delivers your competitive advantage by anticipating what’s new and market-changing so you can pivot before anyone else.

We’ve Married the Predictive Power Used by the Department of Defense with Consumer and CPG Expertise

We’ve married the predictive power used by the Department of Defense with CPG and Strategy expertise by joining forces with CHN Analytics. Based out of Columbus, OH, CHN Analytics is a trusted data analytics partner of government institutions.

We’ve Married the Predictive Power Used by the Department of Defense with Consumer and CPG Expertise

The FutureSet Difference

The FutureSet Difference

Next Gen Machine Learning

By combining consumer, market and scientific data that includes billions of documents with cutting edge machine learning algorithms, FutureSet provides the most comprehensive analytics available. CHN’s powerful super-computers analyze 250 million+ documents across the globe—billions of data points—in minutes.

CPG and Strategy Expertise

4Sight’s team brings 40+ years of expertise in Strategy and CPG categories, offering the ability to synthesize and transform the machine learning output into digestible insights and actionable recommendations.

Predictive Power

By aligning CHN’s global predictive capabilities with 4Sight’s CPG and Strategy expertise, you have a super-charged tool to get and stay ahead of your competitors, even as the market changes.

Emerging Technology Detection & Prediction

There are new technologies, materials and innovations emerging every day, but it takes a robust amount of computing power to monitor the global, online landscape and remain up to date on the latest breakthroughs.

With FutureSet’s ET (Emerging Technologies), 4Sight identifies cutting-edge technologies, emerging materials and other innovations (across billions of datapoints including patents, grants, scientific conferences, and market data) to help your company stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Villain and/or Hero Ingredient Early Stage Detection & Prediction

Ideas are spreading faster. The spark of an idea can come from a scientific journal, a blog post discussing an ingredient’s damage to the environment, etc. Then it spreads on social media. Look no further than the $12B+ loss that J&J experienced from having talc in baby powder.

With FutureSet’s HI (High Impact Ingredients), 4Sight mines billions of scientific documents, market data (news stories globally) and consumer data to predict emerging ingredients months or years in advance of when they will be a 'villain' or 'hero' through a modeling methodology trusted by our government to make the most strategic of decisions.

Business Model Disruption Detection & Prediction

We’ve all seen firsthand the emergence of new business models—from Dollar Shave Club to Uber. Many times, you don’t know what’s coming until it’s too late. Gillette took a $8B write off while car rental companies have gone bankrupt as a result of these disruptors.

With FutureSet’s MD (Market Disruption), 4Sight predicts the emergence of competitors based on past patterns and signals (including VC investments, market and consumer data) enabling you to better predict potential disruptors before they establish a beachhead of users.

Why FutureSet?

Without 4Sight FutureSet

  • No Track Record – Many offerings claim to be predictive, but have low confidence levels (it’s mostly guessing).
  • Limited Insight – Common “predictive” offerings usually require a tradeoff—quant or qual, data scientists or strategists—meaning you only see part of the picture.
  • Data with no Context – Unstructured and overwhelming amount of data with no context.

With 4Sight FutureSet

  • Proven track record of prediction – Our methodology is used by the Department of Defense and C-Suite executives alike because of our track record of superior prediction of emerging technologies, ingredients and trends.
  • 360 Insight from robust data – Leveraging billions of documents including global market & consumer data (e.g., news sources, blogs, social, etc.) and global scientific data (e.g., patents and patent applications, journals, publications, grants and more) to provide both quantitative and qualitative insights that are married with our deep CPG and strategy expertise.
  • Synthesized, Actionable Recommendations – Our strategists synthesize the data science into insights and implications that are curated into clear recommended actions.

What can your Data do for you?

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