Ingredient Compass Reports

Your Turnkey & Comprehensive Objective Assessment of Ingredients of Concern & Opportunity

What Ingredients Keep You Up at Night?

Whether you have a list of ingredient concerns, or need direction pointing to what ingredients in your portfolio to monitor, 4Sight’s Compass Ingredient Report is a turnkey report with ready-made, actionable insights.

A comprehensive report on any ingredient grounded in the very same objective machine learning approach developed for and trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense that makes up our FutureSet HI dashboard.

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What Ingredients Keep You Up at Night?

What You Get:

What You Get:
  • - 4Sight’s Proprietary Science and Market scores to understand both the science risk and the consumer risk;
  • - Details of what disease and environmental effects are associated with the ingredient & trends;
  • - What researchers are studying and publishing about that ingredient;
  • - Summaries of the critical documents;
  • - Science and market sentiments overtime;
  • - Actions to consider.

The Compass Report is an efficient and expedient solution starting at $1,000 per comprehensive ingredient report. Discounts available with multiple ingredient reports. Options available to add access to a full FutureSet dashboard of data on each ingredient.

Why Compass Report?

Without 4Sight Compass Report

  • Heedless – No understanding of the synthesis between market and scientific data
  • Piecemeal – Piecemeal approach to understanding scientific study concerns or opportunities
  • Unaware – remain in the dark on current market and consumer trends
  • Reactive – A reactive approach to PR crises
  • Lagging – Lag behind your competition

With 4Sight Compass Report

  • Preemptive – Uncover unforeseen patterns through synthesis of data
  • Alternative Ingredients – Evaluate alternative ingredients for existing formulations
  • Claims Support – Develop Claims Support for marketing material or upstream development
  • Proactive – Stay ahead of potential PR crises
  • Influence – Identify new academic and industry influencers

What Ingredients May
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