Meet Our Director of Operations, Jennifer Adamson

Jan 15, 2021

Tell us more about where you’re from.

I grew up in a suburb of Toledo, Ohio, a straight 3-hour shot up I-75. In many ways, Cincinnati is similar, a little bigger, but filled with the same friendly Midwestern smiles and values.

Why did you decide to join 4Sight?

I joined Mark Jeffreys when he started Mobile Agent Now, almost 3 years ago. My background was in academics, and I came on initially to oversee the agents who were responding to brand reviews. When we saw great value in the insights revealed in those reviews and shifted to a new company with 4Sight, I was able to apply what I had learned at Mobile Agent Now to my new role.

4Sight is about identifying unexpected insights. Tell us something “unexpected” about you that not everyone may know.

I consider myself a lifelong learner. I have multiple advanced degrees and graduate certificates – in Art History, Museum Studies, English Lit, and Instructional Design. My love of education was instilled by my mom. Here we are when she earned her Master’s when I was 2, and again when I earned my first Master’s degree, a little over 2 decades later.

What's your favorite social media and/or review site, and why?

I’m almost ashamed to disclose how addicted I am to Twitter. It stems from an unhealthy love/hate relationship with our political discourse and my inability to step away from the news. I’m hopeful this forthcoming year will be a bit calmer – I may even delete Twitter from my phone…. Maybe.

On a “down day” what would we find you doing?

Ha! I have a four-year-old boy, so I’m not sure I remember the concept of an entire ‘down day’ anymore. Pre-pandemic, you could find us at a museum or the zoo. Now, we’re typically running around the house or having a dance party. When I do have some time to myself, I run or practice yoga, and I’m an avid reader. I always have a book in my purse, so if I can steal even 10 minutes to myself, I’m usually reading.

Where do you look/go to discover new things about your passions?

When I was younger, I had a tendency to go “all-in” on my passions: when I began running, I wanted to run a marathon; when I started practicing yoga, it was a 3 or 4 day a week habit. The same goes for my academic passions (hence the degrees). As I grow older, with a family and a career I love, I find I channel my passion into those parts of my life. As someone who considers herself a learner and believes in the power of education, I tend to trust academic and other category experts, and look to people I admire professionally and personally for inspiration and guidance.