4Sight delivers robust quantitative data shaped by qualitative context and human expertise.

Data Isn’t Enough

We have been on the brand side, trying to sift through information that lacks context or direction for the nuggets of truth we need to guide our brands forward, and this experience has molded our process and solutions.

At 4Sight, we know that data by itself isn’t enough. The market changes in real time, so brands need resources that sift through the clutter, curate the most relevant insights, and synthesize findings into a simple story with practical recommendations they can act upon quickly.

Data Isn’t Enough

The 4Sight Difference

4Sight does more than pull data through a set of algorithms. We synthesize information from a range of sources (consumer reviews, social media posts and comments, and other online data) and extract the true meaning—what’s most relevant—into an easy to understand and act upon story.

Without 4Sight

  • Data Dump – unstructured and overwhelming amount of data
  • Restricted Insight – limited base sizes and a tradeoff between quantitative or qualitative perspective
  • Slow Research – sample recruiting and data collection take weeks, if not months, to complete before analysis even begins
  • Delayed Decision Making – struggle to proactively course correct and adjust swiftly
  • Overwhelming Dashboard – spend hours or days sifting through and interpreting data in an often-confusing dashboard
  • Manual Updates – after hours spent understanding the data, manually develop updates for all key stakeholders

With 4Sight

  • Synthesized Story – provide synthesized insights, implications and recommended actions all curated into a story for quick understanding and action
  • Holistic Insight – analyze thousands of unique datapoints per engagement with machine learning algorithms that guide the quantitative insight and direct the brand strategists on where to dig for qualitative context
  • Agile Research – leverage an existing data set enabling quicker turnaround of analysis and insights
  • Real-time Decision Making – react quickly to make-or-break moments using real-time data
  • User-Friendly Dashboard – understand only the most important insights and opportunities through a streamlined, user-friendly portal
  • Automatic Updates – receive ongoing, timely updates to proactively send to senior management, cross-functional product teams, and other key stakeholders.

What can your Data do for you?

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