Making Big Data Small and 


Mining unfiltered, real time user generated content via patent pending AI for better & faster insights. 

Stop relying on research methodologies developed decades ago; focus groups where consumers share what they think you want to hear rather than what you need to hear; habits & practices or other types of surveys that are artificial; brand health tracking with months-old data; and deep human insights work based off only a dozen or so consumers.  All of these outdated methods miss out on leveraging the most robust data set out there:  the millions of unfiltered and real time reviews and social comments that are generated online for your brand (and your competition).

That's what makes 4Sight unique:  4Sight makes big data small. We provide human yielding insights that are more robust and actionable.  Our machine learning gives you both the robust base size of a survey (but without the bias) and the deep human insights of 1:1s (with a more robust base size) all in one.  And 4Sight does it faster - within days vs weeks or months for more 'traditional' research.  There's a reason our clients include some of the world's biggest brands, companies like Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser & Clorox among others.  

Let Our Machine Do the Learning for You

Combining the art and science of machine learning and human expertise.

Win with High Impact Content:

Harness reviews, social, and Q&A to learn what trial barriers exist for potential customers, and how to to best address those concerns in communication.

Gain insight on a new competitive entrant:

Mining reviews & social media posts to understand the Achilles heel of your competitor, including potential claims against them - it's all there.

Articulate and action top priority Jobs to be Done:

 Extracting insights from reviews and social will align your product with the right marketing, and the best set of consumer experiences and uses to ensure a competitive advantage. 

Identify unmet brand & category needs: 

Identify unmet category needs through text analytics of thousands of reviews, social media posts, blog comments, etc. - understanding where consumer needs are not met.

Identify trends early on or dissect new emerging trends/ingredients:

Uncover the latest trends in your brand’s category or ancillary categories whether it’s an ingredient (e.g. CBD in beauty care), in a category (e.g. naturals / organic), etc.

Understand leading indicators for a new initiative:

Understand real time consumer feedback to your initiative and competitive launches to act quickly.

The Right Solution for Your Business Need

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